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Travel With Ron Keener



Copyright 2006 by Ron Keener

IMPORTANT NOTE:   If you anticipate using my small livestock transport service, you need to join the Travel with RonK group.

TravelWithRonK has New Shiny Wheels!

In our continuing effort to provide the very best in coast-to-coast small livestock transport, this special "one of a kind" trailer was placed in service in August 2004. This is a no compromise trailer specifically designed to move single, small groups, and herds of animals from point to point with the least amount of stress possible.

Each animal or animal group has its own dedicated pen inside the fully enclosed double deck solid aluminum trailer. Ventilation is provided on three sides on both decks and through pop-up roof vents. Provision has been made to add dual roof mounted air conditioning units and an associated power generator unit to provide climate controlled transport in the hottest of conditions.

Gentle riding torsion suspension was chosen to provide the smoothest most comfortable ride possible. Each wheel is totally independent of the others so that road jolts are absorbed before they are transmitted to the frame and the animals. The long wheel base provides a stable trailer to tow vehicle platform that absorbs the road ‘waves’.

The configuration of internal pens can be modified within minutes to provide the most ideal pen configuration for each animal or group. Specifically designed "dog" pens allow for transport of the large LGD breeds or for safe snug pens for small/young livestock. The dog pens can be reconfigured to provide "isolation" pens where your animal can be transported with minimal contact with other animals. Specially designed "buck/ram" pens provide safe transport for even the most rambunctious male animals.

Coast-to-coast trips are made several times per year. Contact Ron Keener at for fee and schedule information or join the TravelWithRonK group in Yahoo groups at to be part of the next trip as a bystander or a participant.

Or call Ron at 512-259-5098 home or 512-923-4359 cell.  

I am physically located near Austin TX. 

(Note:   When I am on the road, I may not access my home e-mail daily.  If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, assume I am on the road and contact me through the travel group identified above.)